Our Affiliates

                                                                          Catching change and transformation in the building sector,
                                                                                being a part of it and giving direction requires various collaborations.

                                                                          As Huzzak Yapı family, we attach great importance to cooperating
                                                                                with stakeholders at local, national and international levels.


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Architecture and Design is the place and space of people and their lifestyle
reflects our knowledge of what they use and experience.
Communities to produce structures that function in life at all levels,
experts, professionals and customers work in collaboration.
These are uncompromising, with consistently high standards and service quality.
we offer our various customers


It is the main authorized company of Huzzak Yapı s activities in the international arena.
We blended professionalism with meticulousness and brought our unique lines together with Maherz.

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Huzzak Yapı's construction and architectural works abroad
It is an Amsterdam / Netherlands based design and architecture office.

Extraordinary, modern and environmentally friendly projects
that adopt aesthetics and harmony as a principle.
We will realize special designs for you in order to meet the whole world,
It will bring peace to your life and translate your dreams.